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Stephanie Page

Puppy Dog tails Nursery

Hello I'm Stephanie, I am the sole artist at Puppy Dog Tails Nursery. I am being a reborn artist for about 13 years ago. I started off with a starter kit I bought off Ebay that came with no instructions so I pretty much had to teach myself to begin with by trial and much error! However in 2010 I was lucky enough to go on one of Ruth Annette live painting courses. With her help I improved my skills and gained a best friend. Reborning is my second career and my escape from normal life as a property lawyer I attend most of the dolls shows in the UK and sell 95% of my babies in person to the public attending the shows and are very fortunate to have many returning customers. My favourite part of reborning - seeing my customers happy!

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Stephanie Page
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