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Pram Policy


2021 revision


Bringing prams for the display of dolls.


In order to reduce the number of prams in our halls for health and safety reasons and to comply with our risk assessment, prams for the display of dolls will need a pass which can be purchased along with your admission tickets.


Pram passes are £8

If you are bringing babies to the show in a pram or a buggy it will be expected that you push it with consideration for others. That you will not block the vendors tables or the doorways or isles with your pram or buggy. 

It is expected that the dolls in your pram will be from your own personal collection, to enjoy with other people. We do not allow prams to be used for the promotion or sale of your own work. 

Making sales or handing out business cards at the show is strictly prohibited if you are not an authorised vendor, and may result in you being asked to leave.

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