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Shirley Jones

Sugar Plum Nursery

Hi, I’m Shirley Jones and my nursery name is Sugar Plum Nursery.

I’ve been reborning since 2009, and I’ve been hooked from the word go! This art form has become a passion for me, it’s not just a job. I get a huge amount of satisfaction (and sometimes frustration!) out of experimenting with different techniques and trying out different methods, but the thing I love above all are my customers and all the people within the doll community. It’s a fascinating and interesting community and I’m so proud to be part of it!

Outside of reborns…. I live with my 3 boys; Ethan, Max, and Finley, (and my little doggy, Coco) and I have a wonderful partner, Scott who lives just up the road. In my spare time we love to see live music and comedy and try to visit theme parks as often as we can. I’m actually a member of the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain which is super fun! My life is very full but I’m also learning to play the drums which I squeeze in when I can.

Hopefully this gives a small insight into my happy life.

I’ll always be eternally grateful to have found reborns and the wonderful people that I’ve met through them!

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Shirley Jones
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