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Ruth Darlison

Woodlands Reborn Babies

Hi my name is Ruth Darlison (Rue). I’m the artist at Woodlands Reborn Babies Nursery, since October 2017.

I have always had an artistic flare but, not always the time to indulge in my passion over the years, due to raising my 5 wonderful children.

I take a huge amount of inspiration from my own children as babies and, youngsters to developed a wide range of skin tones and, baby blemishes to create a truly detailed look to my reborn babies.

My style is ever evolving. I now use the 3D hair painting system. Which creates beautiful beads of hair.

My love for reborning is ever growing just like the industry and selection of stunning kits.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and my passion. Visit Facebook Group

Ruth Darlison
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