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Nikki Hunn

HunnyBear Nursery

My Name is Nikki Hunn and I am the sole artist behind Hunnybear Nursery.

I live with my partner, my daughter who is 9 and my 2 dogs.

I have been a reborn artist since 2007, I started out joining online groups, where I eventually became an online tutor.

I have always been artistic right from a very young age, after leaving school I became a graphic designer, but I found this too restrictive as I enjoy the free hand kind of art rather than computerised!

I then moved into mural painting for nurseries and bedrooms, then stumbled across reborns!

I quickly became obsessed, and after reading as much information as I possibly could, my mum brought me my 1st starter kit of paints and off I went!

I have sold dolls all over the world, and even sold 1 of my silicone babies to a film company!

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Nikki Hunn
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