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Linda Watt

Feather Reborns

Hello, we are Feather Reborns, a small family business from the north east of Scotland.

We have 2 artists; Linda (Mum) - she has over 30 years of painting experience originating in ceramics where she trained to teach others, and did so for over 10 years!

When Sophie began collecting reborn babies they took up the reborn hobby together and made the change from ceramics to reborns.

Sophie - she is 17 years old and began reborning as a hobby 5 years ago.

She is a real reborn enthusiast and has her own personal reborn collection.

Sophie is currently working towards a degree in art & design with the hope that she will carry on her career in the reborn industry.

Sophie is particularly interested in different sculpts but Levi is her all time favourite! And then there’s me, Kimberley I’m the boss/general dogsbody.

I really enjoy a challenge and love when someone has an unusual request! Visit Facebook Page

Linda Watt
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