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Joanne Clayton

Kalika Creations

Hello, my name is Joanne Clayton and I have been sewing for as long as I can remember.

Its quite possible I was born with a needle in my hand as the skill was inherited from my Mother.

In 1995 I made my first of many mohair teddy bears and then I moved onto making both vinyl and porcelain dolls.

My Mother and I had our own shops that we stocked with our own creations which included display baskets, clothing and accessories; we were also show exhibitors.

In 2002 my dear Mother passed away along with my beloved son and husband. These tragedies, as well as my own failing health meant I could not run the business any more.

However, my love for the reborn community wouldn’t allow me to give up completely so after a break I continued to exhibit at the shows and I have my own page on Facebook.

It is very much a small family business with my daughter Amy in charge of the page, general admin etc, and my wonderful husband is our ‘muscle’ at the shows.

It’s perfect for me as I can no longer lift stock etc and I can continue to do what I love without having to do the admin side of things.

I am happy to take custom orders on clothing and baskets.

My daughter mans the inbox which is great because as a collector herself, she is fab at visualising what the customer wants.

After all these years, I still enjoy what I do and I can’t imagine giving up my sewing needle any time soon. Visit Facebook Group

Joanne Clayton
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