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Janet Henderson

Peek A Boo Nursery

Hi, I am Janet from Peek-A-Boo Nursery, I live in a tiny rural setting within the Northumberland National Park,

I am a mother and a grandmother.

I have been reborning now for almost 15 years, and during this time I have developed my own style of painting and rooting , and am still learning and hopefully improving as I strive for realism in creating these lovely babies for collectors and those who just love to cuddle.

My other interests are painting and drawing, knitting, reading, felting - and more recently I have started to sell bears and animals which i hand sew in my 'Spare time ' - however Reborning is my passion and I hope it comes through in my work.

I have been attending major dolls shows in Doncaster and Peterborough now for a lot of years and what I enjoy about it is meeting my customers and having them hold and look at my creations - the excitement of spending time with my fellow artists and meeting new people. Thank you for visiting my page . Visit Facebook Page

Janet Henderson
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