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Emma Richards

Miracles by Cozy Comforts Reborns

Hi, my name is Emma Richards, I am the creator behind Cosy Comforts Reborn Nursery.

I have been in love with Reborn Dolls for around 7 years now after first discovering them on my search for a realistic baby doll for my daughter for Christmas. I had never seen such lifelike dolls before!

I was absolutely smitten!

I purchased a 16 inch baby made from the Teagan sculpt by Denise Pratt. My daughter absolutely loved her! Since then my daughters collection has grown from 1 to now 8 babies! 3 years ago i was given a complete starter reborn set but I was so worried i would make a mess of it that i pushed it to the back of my cupboard and told myself "one day i will paint her".

I carried on following the reborn world with my daughter and came across groups on facebook so joined a few!

This built my confidence and encouraged me to find out my starter kit at last! So in October 2019 i finally took the plunge and painted my first baby! I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this new art form and fell even deeper in love! Now I can't stop!

I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I have enjoyed creating them! Please contact me with any questions. Lots of love and hugs, Emma

Emma Richards
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