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Carolyn Doughty

Our World of Chi

I am a full-time sculptor and silicone doll artist at Our World of Chi, I started working in silicone in 2013. I sculpt, produce and paint my own silicone dolls – both human babies and also fantasy babies, but I also often buy other artist’s sculpts with rights to reproduce in silicone and am currently producing sculpts by Teresa Russon/Bierton and Bracken Taylor-Green from the UK, and Diana Richards in Canada. This year I teamed up with Cheryl Smith who moulds and pours some of the human babies for me. I am known for the super-soft ‘mallow’ silicone I use in my dolls. Information via my website

I have also been teaching sculpting, moulding, pouring and painting silicone dolls via online videos since 2016 with 25k subscribers to my YouTube channel, and recently devised an online ‘Masterclass’ course, with over 50 hours of video tutorials, in recent months coaching over 60 students to learn the art of silicone doll making from start to finish, and hope to take on many more students in the coming months. Information via my website

I also sell many of the craft materials used for silicone painting as well as blank silicone doll kits, pigments and matting powders etc. Information via my online shop

I exhibit at two doll shows annually, the Peterborough Show in June and the Basildon Show in November. I normally work to order and have a long waiting list, and so the doll shows are a rare opportunity to see and buy my dolls and I am always happy to hand the babies out for cuddles so you can get a feel for what a silicone feels like. I offer a 10% discount for VIP visitors at the shows.

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Carolyn Doughty
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