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Barbara Rout

Barbara's Nursery

Hello , I'm Barbara, sole reborner at "Barbara's Nursery "

I joined this happy group in 2012, and was shown how to reborn by Ruth Annette Herrington, and not looked back.

I have met many wonderful people over the years and quite a few I can call friends.

Over the years I have enjoyed and been delighted by bringing different kits by different sculptors to life.

I have sold my babies at the doll shows run by Cathy Read, Brentwood, Basildon, Nottingham, Peterborough and Chester. I have also sold at Doncaster run by Lyn Marsh.

I enjoy doing other crafts as well, sewing , knitting, crochet and of course Christmas craft, snowmen, hearts and fabric pine cones.

I hope you enjoy seeing my babies and please email if you are interested.

Barbara Rout
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