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Aylin Yorgancioglu

Fairytales Reborn Nursery

My name is Aylin Yorgancioglu, Fairytales Reborn Nursery.

I have been reborning for 17 years, after coming across reborns on Ebay.

I am a self taught artist and continuously look for ways to improve my work. Although I use similar techniques to maybe most of the other artists, I am always trying for new ways to improve and make my own mark.

I love painting reborns and seeing the vinyl parts come alive, with each detailing.

I pay a lot of attention to eyes and use quality glass eyes, as eyes are the first part of humans I look at and connect with, so try to show that interest in my dolls, as much as I possibly can.

I have been doing shows for over 10 years, which prompted me to become a dealer, so that kits and some supplies were readily available to me and visitors at shows.

I now stock kits from some of the most popular sculptors and am continuously getting more on board.

I started producing kits about 5 years ago as well, but that’s bit more difficult, as you need to get new sculptors on board. Now I am starting molding and pouring silicone kits, but due to limited space, it’s going very slow, but I hope to take it much further, once I move and have plenty space. Visit Website Visit Facebook Page

Aylin Yorgancioglu
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