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Adella Chaney

Cotton Bud babies

Hi, I am Adella Chaney from Cotton Bud Babies.

I first became interested in Reborns in 2007 when I bought my first baby.

I would spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect one and in 2008 decided to teach myself to reborn.

I would watch every tutorial and read as much as I could to help me understand the process.

I thought my first homemade baby was absolutely beautiful, looking back all I can say is "good grief"!

Over the years my artistry and skills grew and am proud of what I have achieved, and even won The Peoples Choice reborn competition in 2014 at The Peterborough Doll Show.

I now also paint silicones and continue to try out new ideas to improve and learn in this wonderful art

I always use premium fillings, quality mohair and micro root (which takes me forever), each baby is individually painted and each one different, I just go where the painting takes me.

I work part time in Social Care and the rest of my time reborning in my studio/craft room which as every crafter know's has to be packed to the rafter's "just in case"

I usually exhibit at Basildon and Peterborough Doll Show's with my hubby Chris who is my right hand man and who takes care of all the donkey work.

I love every minute of this art form and always strive to do better, I hope you enjoy looking at my work. Visit Facebook Page

Adella Chaney
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