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Peterborough Holiday Inn Floor Plans - OCTOBER 2023

PB October 23a.jpg

1 Cheeky Chops Reborn Nursery
Reborn Artist Lizzie Munns

2-3 Reborns By Tess
Reborn Artist Teresa Wildman


4 Sue Terry Tots
Reborn Artist Sue Terry

5 Barbara’s Nursery

Reborn Artist Barbara Rout


Zarni Baby

Reborn Artist Lisa Dawson

Beautiful Spanish baby clothes

7-8 Twinkle Toes
Reborn Artist Valerie Powditch

9-10 Peek A Boo Nursery
Reborn artist Janet Henderson

11 Jennifer's Creations
Reborn Artist Jennifer Edwards

12-13 Fairytales Reborn Nursery
Reborn Artist Aylin Yorgancioglu
Doll kits and supplies


14-15 Lizzie Kendal Originals and Reborns
Reborn Artist Natasha Shepheard

16 ElliesBabies
Silicone Artist Elaine Colbert

17-20 Precious~Dreams Studios

Reborn Artist Ruth Annette

21 Crescent Moon Babies

Reborn Artist Stacey Cole

22 Pixie Kissed Babies
Silicone Artist Ella McK

23 Preloved Collection
Reborn Collector Sara Mace

24-25 Puppy Dog Tails Nursery

Reborn Artist Stephanie Page

26-27 Marbeth Nursery 

Reborn Artists Margaret Stevens 

and Elizabeth Cunningham


28 The Crafty Dragon Nursery
Reborn Artist Lesley Graham

29 Kelly's Cloud of Love Babies
Reborn Artist Kelly Dempsey

30 Woodlands Reborn Babies Nursery
Reborn Artist Ruth Darlison

31-32 Noah’s Ark Nursery

Reborn Artist Rachel Blythe

Lollipop Babies

Reborn Artist Lorraine Roberts


33- 35 Payne Reborns
Reborn Artist Nicolette Payne


36-37 Lou Lou Reborns
Reborn Artist Kiara Edwards


Hand sewn teddy bears, rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes etc, made using the finest materials. 


39 Willow Tree Reborns

Reborn Artist Nicole Killick


Reborn Artist Wendy Mayes

41 Cosy Comforts Reborn Nursery
Reborn Artist Emma Richards

42 Ursula's Reborn Nursery

Reborn Artist Ursula Jeckell ​

43-44 Mummy Bears Nursery
Reborn Artist Claire Cobley

45 Butterfly Babes

Hand made reborn carrying and display items bodies and reborn clothes from size 6" to 20"


46-47 Dollli Creations

Reborn and silicone artist Min Li

Doll Kits, artist bears, STO dolls and more!

48 Juniper Baby Knits

Hand knitted items by Jenni Bridge

49 Cotton Bud Babies

Reborn and silicone Artist Adella Chaney


50-51 Forever Babies
Reborn Artist Deborah Barnett

52-53 Trishes Little Treasures
Reborn Accessories by Patricia Howell

54-55 Our Sue

Handknitted items by Sue Clen-Murphy

56-59 Kalika Creations

Handmade babywear

reborn display baskets,

huge amount of accessories, fabrics and lace trims

60 Newborn Creations by Susi
Silicone and Vinyl babies by Susan Coe 

Chantelle's Little Wonders
Reborn Artist Chantelle 

62-63 Little Willows Reborn Supplies
Reborn supplies by Karen Moss

64-65 Daisy’s Darlings
Reborn Artist Betty Love

66 Dee's Dolly Dreams

Dee Atkinson's Preloved Collection

67-68 Sugar Plum Nursery
Reborn Artist Shirley Jones

69 Poppy's Bambino's
Reborn Artist Hilary Hampton


70-71 Bonnie Belle babies

Reborn Artist Susan Reynolds

72 Artful Babies

Reborn Artist Tracy Lister

73 Arty Darwen's Dolls
Reborn Artist Darwen

74 Knitty Delights

Crochet artist Kellie Bayga

75 Coulsons Creations
Reborn Artist Amy Coulson


76 Dear Darlings Nursery and
Peculiar Podlings
Silicone Artist Valerie Morris

77-78 Rainbow Moon Reborn Dolls

Reborn Artist Samantha Potter

79 Lolly Pop Boutique
Handmade Clothing by Penny Cottle

80-81 Teddy's Baby Art
Reborn Artist Michelle Pierson

82 Gillian Goodall's Preloved Collection
Preloved silicone and reborn babies

83 Granny P's Reborn Nursery

Reborn Artist Paula Pughe

84 Reborn Knitting Corner
Knitted clothing by Susan Simmons

85-86 A Bundle of Joy
Silicone Artist Joy Ottelly

87 Reborns by Care-y
Reborn, sculpting and silicone artist
Marina Carey

88 Bluebelle Nurseries
New and Preloved Baby clothes and accessories

By Tracey Parsons

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