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We have a comprehansive media plan for 2013 and are looking to actively promote the Doll Show through a number of avenues. We have an active social media presence via facebook and twitter, and have set up a blog to report the shows as we go.

Our close relationship with Discovering Dolls and Crafts magazine ensures that we have full coverage of the show both before and after the event. As we also have a full page advert, we like to use the editorial space to promote our exhibitors.

We have secured adverising space for 2013 in Discovering Dolls and Crafts, Doll Advertiser and also Teddy Bear and Friends magazine.

Further to that we advertise on a number of local and national "where to go" sites.

To further promote the show, and reach out to new visitors and exibitors we encourage our vendors to enclose doll show leaflets in their own product mail outs, and also, where applicable to have our information available in their shops and premesis.

We attend other shows across the UK, and, where permitted, promote our show there.

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