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Peterborough Holiday Inn Floor Plans - Saturday June 8th 2024
(Click here for Sunday's floor plan)

PB Saturday 24 plan.jpg

1-2 Daisy's Darlings 
Reborn Artist Betty Love

Sue Terry Tots

Reborn Artist Sue Terry

4 Barbara's Nursery
Reborn Artist Barbara Rout

5-6 Zarni Baby

Premium babywear and accessories 

7-9 Twinkle Toes
Reborn Artist Valerie Powditch

10-12 Peek A Boo Nursery

Reborn Artist Janet Henderson


12 Willow Tree Reborns

Reborn Artist Nicole Killick

13-14 Fairytales Reborn Nursery
Reborn Artist Aylin Yorgancioglu
Reborn kits and reborning supplies

15-16 Chantelle's Little Wonders
Reborn Artist Chantelle Legon

17 Nixter Creations
Reborn Artist Rachel Maddison

18-21 Precious~Dreams Studios
Reborn Artist Ruth Annette

22 PixieKissed Babies

Silicone Artist Ella McK

23 Crescent Moon Babies

Reborn Artist Stacy Cole

24-26 Puppy Dog Tails Nursery

Reborn Artist Stephanie Page

27-28 Thumbelina Nursery and Boutique
Reborn Artists Doreen Cleaver and Tessa Thowney, beautiful handmade boutique clothing. 

29-30 Marbeth Nursery
Reborn Artist Margaret Stevens 

31 Gift Of Love Reborn Nursery
Reborn Artist Brooke Sanders

32 Woodlands Reborn Babies
Reborn Artist Ruth Darlison


33 Preloved Collection
Reborn Collector Sarah Mace

Reborn and custom Blythe Artist Karina Alberton 

35 Baby You and Me
Reborn Artist Mariska Van Zyl

36 Lolly Pop Boutique
Handmade clothing by Penny Cottle

37-38 Sugar Plum Nursery
Reborn Artist Shirley Jones

39 Soft Doll Creations
Doll Artist Nicoletta Carmanschi

40 Bruce's Needle Felted Characters
Needle Felted animals by Bruce Dobson. 
Commissions taken.

41 Wendy's Doll House
Reborn Artist Wendy Mayes


Reborn Artist Kesia Rayner

44-45 Mummy Bears Nursery

Reborn Artist Claire Cobley

46 Butterfly Babes

Handmade carry cots, carry snugglers and carry pods, reborn bodies

outfits from 3" to 20", plus accessories

47-48 Dollli Creations

Reborn artist Min Li

Doll Kits, artist bears, STO dolls and more!

49 Juniper Baby Knits

Hand knitted items by Jenni Bridge

50 Cotton Bud Babies

Reborn and silicone Artist Adella Chaney

51-53 Forever babies

Reborn Artist Deborah Rice (was Barnett)

54-55 Trishes Little Treasures
Reborn Accessories by Patricia Howell

56-57 Reborn Dolls Malta Nursery

Reborn and Silicone Artist Jennifer Hubbers

58-61 Kalika Creations

Handmade and Spanish babywear

reborn display baskets, huge amount of accessories, fabrics and lace trims

62 Newborn Creations by Susi 

Silicone and vinyl dolls

63-67 Little Willows Reborn Supplies
Reborn supplies by Karen Moss


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