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COVID SAFETY - Peterborough Show

The Doll Show, Peterborough

3rd and 4th July 2021


Covid Safe Guidelines




Tickets and entry:


ALL tickets will be presold online, there will be no option to pay cash on the day.


Before coming to the show, we ask that you register a lateral flow test on the NHS website. Please have a copy on your phone.
Tests can be obtained for FREE at the following website:


We will perform a contactless temperature check on all visitors when collecting wristbands. You will need to put your own wristband on yourself, or have a member of your party do this.


Entry to the show with your ticket is by QR code scan. Your QR code will be sent by email text or post depending on the option you selected with ticketsource.


We will scan you in and issue wristbands on arrival, so there will be no need to form a long queue. When you do need to queue social distancing must be observed.


We have a maximum capacity of 195 people in the show at any one time, and each room will have its own capacity. It is assumed that not all visitors will be in the halls at the same time, but in the event that a room reaches capacity, you will have to wait until someone leaves before you can enter.

We will have people on the door with counters checking people in and out.


One of your party will be required to register your attendance on the hotels Track n Trace system, via your smartphone or on a paper form provided by the hotel.


Masks and PPE


Masks must be worn at all times when not seated in the hotel. You may opt for a face visor or other face covering if you prefer.

If you are mask exempt you MUST have: a copy of your official exemption and a copy of a lateral flow test registered on the NHS website within 24 hours of the show.

Tests can be obtained for FREE at the following website:


We will ask that hands are sanitised on entry and will have multiple points throughout the show where hand sanitiser will be available.



Conduct and movement in the hotel


Masks must be worn in the hotel unless seated, or exempted.


The bar and restaurant area will need to be booked in advance. If you wish to eat at the hotel, please phone and book your table well in advance.

NO PRAMS, PUSHCHAIRS OR BUGGIES will be allowed in the restaurant or bar area.
We will have a secure room in which you can store prams if needed.


Due to limited space in the lounge area, the hotel will open the two conference rooms (to the right of the reception, past the lift) to allow for further communal space. When seated in these areas you may remove your masks. No prams, pushchairs or buggies are allowed in the conference rooms.

There will be several picnic tables set up on the hotel lawn, providing additional communal space is the weather is good.

The hotel staff have an enhanced cleaning programme in operation, but in some communal areas there will be further cleaning materials available for those who would like to use it, perhaps to clean down a chair or a table between the hotels hourly cleans.


Within the show halls and in the corridor between the halls, there will be a one way system which needs to be observed at all times.



Conduct and rules within the show halls


Please observe all the above rules when in the show halls, and act with respect and courtesy towards all vendors and other visitors.


Please do not touch any or the products on display without permission from the stall holder. Each stall holder will be able to set their own rules with regards to the handling of their merchandise, and many will require sanitisation of hands, and some PPE when handling goods or holding babies.


Please respect the fact that this is new to everyone involved in the organisation, both myself and the hotel staff. Please also note that ALL helpers at the doll show are there on a voluntary basis, and their attendance is essential for running the show. Helpers may not have all the answers to questions immediately, and we operate a zero-tolerance policy on rudeness or aggression to either the hotel staff, or The Doll Show helpers, all of whom are doing their best under the current circumstances.


May I also take this opportunity to remind you that as a visitor to our show, selling items, promoting your own business, and taking orders is strictly forbidden. As a visitor you must also make sure that you buy only from our registered vendors, and not from another visitor.

We appreciate that this might be a lot to take in, but we can assure you that we, and the hotel staff, will do our utmost to ensure that you have a positive and enjoyable experience. 

If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask.

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