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Competitions and Awards

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On Saturday 3rd July we will be holding a competition, currently open only to our vendors, to be judged on the day by our specially selected panel of judges, and through a public vote.
How to enter:
Entries can be pre booked online at a discounted rate, and late entries will be taken on the day if space allows.
To enter the competition you need to bring a completed baby (reborn or silicone) which has not previously been shown to the public on any social media or previous shows to our competition display area by 9am on the day of the show.
Entries must be 100% your OWN WORK
We will accept a maximum of three entries per artist.
You may pose and display your baby but not return to it until after the judging has been completed. Maximum display width is 50cm.
Awards will be as follows:
Peoples choice award:
This will be the overall favourite baby of the visitors to the show. They will be asked to select their favourite from every entry.
Our panel of judges will evaluate all the entries and allocate the following awards:
Best Reborn
Best Silicone
Best Skin Tone
Best Rooted Hair
Best Painted hair
Most Creative Display
Best Dressed baby

Upon entering your doll, you will need to choose your main category, the best silicone, best reborn or best alternative art category.
Alternative art can be "different" reborn or silicone productions, such as animals, vampires etc if you don't want them judged alongside babies, as well as dolls of other media such as cloth, wood etc. We do not allow the display of babies private parts in the competition, and we will also not accept upsetting or gory entries, this includes babies with tubes or wires, or fantasy artwork with blood, gore or death. While we appreciate these art forms, we don't believe they are suitable for display at a family event. 
All artwork entered will be evaluated for the categories of best skin tone, rooted hair, painted hair, creative display and best dressed baby category where relevant. 
Winners will be revealed at out awards event in the evening, and will be published in Discover Dolls Magazine.
Entries must remain in situ until the show closes on Saturday.
All competition babies will have a certificate of entry, which you can display on your stand on the Sunday of the show.
Entry costs £20 per piece entered. 
The competition will close at 4pm, and for the last hour of the show, all entries will be displayed with their certificates so that visitors can see whose work was whose! 
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