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Chester Floor Plan - September 10th 2023

Chester plan 2003.jpg

1-5) Kalika Creations
Baby clothes and accessories

Handmade babywear

reborn display baskets and pods


6-7) Our Sue
Handknitted items by Sue Clen Murphy


8) Sugar Plum Nursery
Reborn Artist Shirley Jones

9-10) Reborns by Tess

Reborn Artist Teresa Wildman

11-12) Mummy Bears Nursery
Reborn Artist Claire Cobley

13) DaisiesDarlings

Reborn Artist Betty Love

Sue Terry Tots

Reborn Artist Sue Terry

15-17) Precious~Dreams Studio
Reborn Artists Ruth Annette


18-19) PixieKissed Babies & Silicone Velvet
Silicone Artist Ella McK

20) Zarni Baby
Spanish and designer clothing

21) Barbara's Nursery

Reborn Artist Barbara Rout

22) Preloved Specials

Some beautiful pre loved babies from a personal collection

23-24) Little Willows Reborn Supplies
Reborn supplies by Karen Moss


25) Woodlands Reborn Babies

Reborn Artist Ruth Darlison

26) Baby Days Reborn Art Dolls

Reborn Artist Angie Cavanagh

27) Gill Dobson Teddy Bears
Teddy Bear Artist Gill Dobson

28) Reborn Knitting Corner

Knitted outfits by Susan Simmons

29-30) Puppydog Tails Nursery

Reborn Artist Stephanie Page

31-33) Payne Reborns
Reborn Artist Nicolette Payne

34) Bonnie Belle Babies
Reborn Artist Susan Reynolds


35-37) The Doll Show

Doll show merchandise and promotional clothing


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